The mare Ramona was imported from Ireland to Denmark in appr. the year 1969. Ramona was a healthy
horse with very good endurance, fine trot and canter and jumping skills. Her last two offspring were two
fillies (Altas and Amie) by the thoroughbred stallion Alta (Midsummer Night II/Borealis).
The mares Imona out of Altas and Ipsy out of Amie were bred to German sports-horses in 2008.


Imona and her colt Ramonas Ceallach

Sire of Ceallach is the
German Sportpferde,
jump-stallion, Canterbury

Imona newborn 1999

Sire of Imona is Irish Boy

altas newborn 1980

Alta XX, the sire of the
full-sisters Altas and Amie


Ipsy with her colt Ramonas Saxo

Sire of Saxo is the German hanoverian stallion Sarotti

Ibrahim, Sire of Ipsy.
Ibrahim is Danish Oldenburg

The mare Ramona imported from Ireland as a filly in the late 196'ties had her last foal in 1983.

 Sire of the fillies Altas and Amie was the Thoroughbred stallion Alta by Midsummer Night II, imported by the Danish breeder of warmblood Th. Axelgaard.

Me on Alta XX